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How to Get Around: OV-Chipkaart!

Buying a ticket every time you board a train, metrotram or bus is very inconvenient so we highly recommend you to get an OV-chipkaart. For a one-time fee of €7.50, you can get the reloadable e-card. Checking in and out of the public transport has never been easier!

There are 2 types of OV-chipkaart, anonymous and personal*

*You won’t be able to apply for the personal one when you just arrived because it requires a Dutch bank account.*

We recommend you to:

  • Get the anonymous one first (you can sell it later when you apply for the personal one, or keep it for your guests). The main difference between anonymous and personal OV is that you can add subscriptions to the later, more about it on 3.2. Also, the personal OV allows auto-reload and it’ll have your handsome/pretty face printed on it 😉

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