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OV Fiets

What is the OV-fiets?

OV-fiets is a rental bike owned by the NS company that facilitates you to go to your destination by using bike

How to rent the OV-fiets?

It is really easy! Once you arrive at the station, you can simply rent the bike by going to the rental shop such as at many train stations, at bus or tram stops, in several city centres, or at the car parking place (P+R car parks).

Practical information over OV-fiets

  • €3.85 per journey (up to 24 hours)
  • the period of rental is 74hour maximum
  • no more season ticket fees
  • pay afterwards via direct debit card

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You have to have a season ticket to be able to use an OV-fiets. How to arrange this?

  • Arrange it online and link it to your personal OV-chipkaart. One you have this, you don’t have to pay any additional fees for this season ticket. The company will charge you €0.01 per year to verify your personal and payment details
  • After this process, you will receive a confirmation email
  • You don’t need to collect the order at an NS Ticket Machine at the station. Your personal OV-chipkaart does not show that you are able to rent an OV-fiets

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